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We all know that medical errors can transform and even cost lives, but medical mistranslations are just as dangerous. From medical histories to prescriptions, patient instructions to diagnoses, clear communication is vital.

Between 2006 and 2007, 47 knee replacements in Germany failed due to the prosthesis label being mistranslated. The incorrect description, which stated the exact opposite of the source language, resulted in those 47 people having to undergo the painful procedure a second time.

Thorough research, meticulous attention to detail and focusing on the right terminology are essential to provide a translation true to the original that will help patients, families and doctors to communicate and make informed decisions about something as vital as human health.

Being able to immerse myself in the world of medicine with a hot cup of coffee (that, frankly, is often left untouched while I work on my translation) and make sure that my accuracy and attention to detail can help people is a feeling that’s hard to beat.


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to French

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