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Profile - Suzy Keller Translation

A multicultural

with a scientific side

Before we work together,

let me introduce myself

I’m Suzy Keller, a translator, proofreader, subtitler, language learner and avid researcher.

About me

Being equally attuned to both the left and right sides of my brain, I satisfy my creative and analytical natures by crafting top-quality marketing and medical translations for a French audience.

My professional history reflects my international outlook. From interning at the Council of Europe to project management at a leading Barcelona-based translation company, I have always worked to improve communication between parties in different countries. This wide-ranging business experience has taught me exactly what a quality translation process should be, and this knowledge is what I bring to each and every project I work on.

Having lived in France, Ireland and Spain and soaked up the cultures of my source languages, I am currently enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle, travelling around every three months or so to explore new countries. It is this curiosity and love of other cultures that makes me so good at my job.

I network with colleagues on a regular basis and frequently attend online courses and conferences to keep my skills honed. Outside of work, I love literature, history, theatre, music (I play the piano), diving, whisky and fashion, and I am also broadening my horizons by learning German and Russian.

At a glance

  • Digital nomad
  • Music enthusiast
  • Fashion-forward
  • Moviegoer
  • Whisky aficionado
  • Diver


  • English Language, Literature and Civilization degree at the University of Strasbourg, France and the University College Cork, Ireland
  • Master’s in Professional Translation at the Institute for Translators, Interpreters and International Relations, a member of the European Master’s in Translation network

Member of the French Ttranslators’ Society (SFT)

Core values


I craft precise, natural-sounding translations in my specialist fields based on years of experience and in-depth subject knowledge, and exclusively into my native French.


I work with you to determine your objectives and fulfil your requirements so that you know what to expect from the outset.


I take a painstaking, meticulous approach to every single project I work on. I am constantly honing my skills and, as a member of the French Translators’ Association (SFT), I adhere to its Code of Professional Conduct.

Now it’s over to you.

Whether you’re looking for medical translation or subtitling for your ad campaign, I’d love to find out more.