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Why Marketing and Medicine are the perfect match? - Suzy Keller Translation

Often, people ask me how I can specialize in two seemingly different fields. The thing is… they aren’t that different and can be in fact completely interrelated.

Marketing or the art of storytelling

So what is marketing? Marketing is all about selling a product or a service, and making it appealing to your potential clients. How do you do that? Well, usually you hire a truly gifted creative copywriter & transcreator (am I overselling it?) to write an impactful story about your product or service so that the client can relate to it. And then the magic happens… Your revenues skyrocket. This is what we call the art of storytelling.

This is exactly what Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn did back in 2009, as part of their storytelling experiment (check it out here: http://significantobjects.com/about/). They asked 100 creative writers to invent stories about $129 worth of items, then selling them on eBay to see if the stories enhanced the value of the objects being sold. The net profit was $3,600. A 2,700% increase in final markup.

So yeah, someone actually paid 63$ for this.

Neuromarketing: Where medicine and marketing meet

Now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with medicine ? Well, as David JP Phillips put it, « it all comes down to the Angel’s Cocktail. » This refers to dopamine, oxytocin and endorphin, aka the « happy brain » chemicals. According to research in neuroscience, a good story is able to induce this cocktail of hormones in your brain, which are the exact same ones that are released when we fall in love.

This new application of neuroscience is what we call neuromarketing.

Storytelling_and the brain

With the help of new discoveries in neuroscience, you can not only make a compelling proposition through your marketing, you can learn how to speak directly to the part of the brain that will help you to connect with a person’s emotion. And storytelling, when connected to emotion, is one of the most powerful human motivators.

Advertisement and marketing can go substantially further in resonating with customers by taking advantage of what we now understand with modern neuroscience, social psychology and behavioral economics, which are all components of neuromarketing. Neuromarketing helps us create an advertising message that resonates with our customers’ brains through a deep understanding of how the brain prefers to process information.

And that is why you need to write a vivid story involving your product if you want to engage potential customers. When you are doing business internationally, this means hiring a good translator/transcreator who knows your industry and your target audience.

Want to look further into neuromarketing?

Have a look at these amazing TED conferences about it: